Sydney Isn’t For Vegetarians

sydneyday3-hyde-park-4Sydney is interesting. However, it’s a city that makes me hangry. Every time I think I’ve found a cafe or a restaurant online on Yelp or somewhere else the menu ends up different and there’s not much for me to eat. I sometimes get one option. Sometimes. To be fair there are like 2 vegetarian restaurants. I think. Woo? Some restaurants even in tourist hell I can’t even eat at unless I want chips only. To be totally honest I’m taken aback. It’s not just me though, there was a veg local at the bookshop and she said veg food is shitty here in central Sydney. Figures.

sydneyday3-hyde-park-2So we went to a cafe for breakfast and I was mislead again. It was a hole in the wall with a yogurt cup. I was almost crying I was so hungry.  Went to another cafe where the server had us sitting there 15 minutes so we were 5 minutes late ordering off the breakfast menu (which I could eat off of). So very pissed off. I had a shitty sandwich. And chips (fries). We did have a pretty stellar Thai dinner and a tasty breakfast out of this whole trip so far, but that’s about it.


sydneyday3-hyde-park-3So we wandered over to Hyde Park. It was a slow day, only 10.5 miles (and no stairs). Saw the Anzac Memorial, Fountain and St. Mary’s Cathedral. We did a bit of shopping, I bought a ton of tea. Go figure. We passed by the new mythical Sephora, it was jam packed. Congrats Australia, you too can have a Sephora addiction! The shopping is huge here but there isn’t much that I can’t get in the US. Some of the Korean makeup I get off of Amazon was still more expensive I found when we were in Chinatown (and Koreatown).

Shan-Joe-Abercrombie-BenThen we headed off to the bookshop to go to a signing.  Ben has been reading Joe Abercrombie books for quite a while now and I have to say he’s a pretty awesome guy. We supposedly missed him last year in SF, so it was good to meet him. His new trilogy is a young adult story, so looks like I know what I’m reading soon! We got book 2 signed (book 1 is already signed at home) and it was pretty cool to talk to the locals (re: vegetarian girl and other cool people in the mega bookshop). It started storming so we wandered back home after dinner (where I had a veg option and didn’t like it, ugh) to see the clouds starting to clear up. Chinese New Year celebrations are all around us and we just got some pretty cool fireworks (that I forgot to pull out my camera for).


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