So Many Red Flags

phillip-island-day3-wsbkday2Today was back to the races. Some Aussie actual races and qualifiers/pole position for the WSS and WSBK. We walked fully around the whole track to check out the views.


phillip-island-day3-wsbkday2-5Caught Michael Van der Mark wipe out, though he popped back up and on his bike. Below is the local celeb Troy Bayless who last minute stepped in for a position and has been retired for a bit doing dirt stuff. Hey, he knows how to crash.

phillip-island-day3-wsbkday2-6The worst one of the day I didn’t catch (by where VD Mark crashed) was a bit nerve wracking but the guy (Salom) is okay and is in the hospital in Melbourne being checked out. He had to take the ambulance back off the track, poor guy.

phillip-island-day3-wsbkday2-8This is a view from the track. Seriously. It’s right on the water and beautiful. It was supposed to be about 80 degrees but when we checked at 4:30 it was 93. Ugh. So hot, and barely any shade. My burnt feet developed blisters despite suffocating in sunscreen. Heat blisters really. Oh well.




The best photos are of the Australian dudes who I don’t know. Go figure. However, it gives me a sense on where to set up tomorrow. With an umbrella.


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