Sleep Is For Wimps!

sydneyday1Hello from Australia! Wow, I’m exhausted. I got up at 6:45 on Monday night morning (wtf, don’t mind me and my edits) and I haven’t been to sleep yet. It’s been around 40 hours now, and I really love sleep. I couldn’t sleep on the plane and that kind of screwed me up. Oh well.

sydneyday1-2I couldn’t bother with my real camera today, sorry about that. I brought it and didn’t pull it out of my bag. It’s summer here so we’re adjusting to… sun. Yeah yeah.



sydneyday1-6We’re in Sydney for a few days. I’m kind of getting data roaming (free international plan) but the husband didn’t have a good connection so he opted for a sim card. Easy peasy. Today we got in around lunch and went to a small cafe down the street. This city has a lot of cafes. We’re staying in Darling Harbour so we just zombie walked a bit around the area. I really dig the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) which is a high end maul, go figure.

sydneyday1-5Tomorrow maybe Opera House photo ops and such. Friday sounds good for a book signing with an author that doesn’t make it to the US ever. Then on to our next stops. Now, to figure out what to have for dinner, if we can unglue our butts from the hotel bed. sydneyday1-darlingharbour3

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