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2015-02-24 19.00.06 HDRToday was a travel day. We left Phillip Island where I navigated the freeways and made our way back into Melbourne. It was sad leaving the island, not sad leaving the swarm of mosquitos however. At least they left us goodbye¬†gifts of itchy bumps before we headed back home. Ben looks like he has chickenpox, I’m actually pretty allergic to mosquitos and the first few woke me up so I caught all mine pretty early. Going to be an awesome flight.

2015-02-24 18.50.11

2015-02-24 18.55.21Excuse the unedited cell photos. I’m tired. Ready to go home but had a great time. ¬†I just want to sleep in my own bed. This afternoon after we returned the car we headed up to Fitzroy to meet up with a friend for lunch/early dinner/foodstuff and hung out for a bit. I really dig Fitzroy, and not just because we went to an all veggie cafe. I was overwhelmed with choices! Woo! Then we walked back down to the CBD for a last hurrah on Degraves Street which is a little alley with a ton of cafes (and coffee). Finally got my Sticky Toffee (or Date) Pudding! Yum! A great way to end the trip.

Tomorrow is a flight day so I’ll be back online in a day or two. I hope to have energy to buy a ton of veg when I get in because I really need to reset my stomach. It’s been bad since before I left so I knew it was coming but I put it off for the trip. I’ll try to do some nice and healthy recipes to share with you, but fair warning, they will probably be a bit boring. Oh! I bought a TON of tea here so I at least have that to talk about as well!


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