melbourneday1-traveldayToday was a travel day so I didn’t pull out my camera much, or my phone to be honest. We left Cairns in a rainstorm and ended up in Melbourne around dinner. Our hotel is back up to snuff and we have high speed internet that works! Woop! We also have a full kitchen, but Melbourne has so much food to offer, I can’t see using it.

melbourneday1-travelday-2Yelp was so much more useful here. We were hungry and ended up at a place called Chin Chin since we didn’t have reservations anywhere and everywhere probably worth eating at was packed. ┬áIt was tasty and ultra hipstery, but probably the best meal I’ve had on this trip (and they have a bunny logo). Pretty exciting. We walked like 6 blocks of Melbourne and I think we’re in love. So many motorcycles (guys with GEAR on, oh my goodness) and the vibe is pretty cool. Can you fall in love this quick? It pulled at my heartstrings and felt like an Aussie Toronto. We’ll wander around tomorrow and catch some highlights and food with friends before we head off to the Island on Thursday.


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