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silverleavesTravel day! You wouldn’t guess it from the beach photos above but we left early and had to run to pick up the rental car. Drama with getting a taxi, my credit card in the taxi (we have multiple cards, but still), the damn Garmin and rain but I made it here by sticking to the left. Man, it’s weird driving with the steering wheel on the right. I think it would be easier if it was still on the left, it would be just like one way streets, but oh well. Made it here, I just drive like a 16 year old. Heh.


phillip-island-day1-nobbies-12We made it after lunch to The Nobbies on the other side of the island. 1.5 kilometres offshore from The Nobbies are Seal Rocks, home to Australia’s largest Australian Fur Seal colony. Didn’t see any seals (didn’t look in the looking glasses, so many tourists), but we did see a few fairy penguins! They run up the beach after sunset and there’s a whole Penguin Parade thinger here which I’m not sure I want to do. You sit in bleachers and watch penguins run up the beach. Cute though.

phillip-island-day1-nobbies-2There were a few in their cubby houses and this little guy under a boardwalk just hanging out avoiding tourists. Don’t blame them one bit. There was one stuck under a boardwalk and some tourists were hanging off with selfie sticks trying to get photos. I used the zoom like a normal person.



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