Cairns: I Pity The Fool Who Doesn’t Sunscreen Their Feet

cairnsday2-greenislandWe were up bright and early for our trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Or… I was up at 4:30am because I was hungry. Both are true. Anyway, we got on a boat and headed to Green Island with 500 of our closest Chinese friends. Okay, not 500 but 98% of the tour was Chinese since everyone was on holiday or in town for Chinese New Year.

cairnsday2-greenisland-2Ben was so so happy. We both don’t get seasick which is cool because today there were king waves and huge swells from the storms. There were so many people getting sick, and the teen beside me hurled on the ground. Made me feel sick and I don’t get seasick! UGH. We just tried to sit at the back and ignore the horror story. Oh, and might I add that this husband is a celebrity and some Chinese dude was taking photos with him and following him around. It was really funny.

green-island1The island is nice, but so many tourists. There’s actually a rainforest on the island which is cool, and the beaches are nice but windy. Diving activities and other things were cancelled today so we kind of only had the glass bottom boat option.

cairnsday2-greenisland-6This was our lunch view, from our picnic table. I couldn’t wait to eat at the free buffet so we bought some potato wedges and chips/french fries and sat on the beach in a bit of shade. Well, it wasn’t enough shade, but whatever, we didn’t know that then. We were on the opposite side of the island than the snorkeling (which I heard wasn’t very interesting, not many turtles and such today) and it was nice and peaceful.



cairnsday2-greenisland-15Did I mention it was windy? Yup. My hair probably won’t recover. I’m considering just cutting it off. Ugh. Oh well. After lunch we headed back to do the glass bottom tour. Our guide was pretty cool, however all of the swell and storms pretty much meant we couldn’t see jack. Usually it’s super clear. Nope, of course not for us.

green-island2Then we were on our way home. We got caught in a storm and we were sitting outside so pretty much got soaked. And noticed that I didn’t put sunscreen on my feet and Ben missed his face. Oopsie.  We’re both beet red though he will turn brown probably tomorrow. I will be beet red until about 2016 when my skin heals. I got some colour (read: red) on my legs too. I think my sunscreen washed off when we were on the beach. Ugh. I’m so bad at this summer thing, but at least I’ll have some cool markings to remember the trip by! Couldn’t get to the Chemist, I hope they have solarcane here. This pawpaw ointment isn’t cutting it and the aloe mist is meh.


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