phillip-island-day4-wsbkday3-wsbkrace1-4Today was the main race day of World Superbike 2015: Phillip Island. Stop 1 in the series! We were worried about it being packed but it was fine. We considered taking the shuttle over to the circuit but we drove instead. We had absolutely no problems getting in and out! It was a nice day overall.


phillip-island-day4-wsbkday3-wsbkrace2-9We camped out at Siberia, which is a kickass corner. ¬†Glad we found that out yesterday. I won’t spam my blog, but I have a ton on my flickr if you are interested. I took over 50 photos today. It was hot and sticky but I had an umbrella and loads more sunscreen and survived. I think next we need an English race, need some cooler weather!



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