And Then We Walked.


sydneyday2-bridge-and-opera-view-3Today we walked almost 12 miles. Yeah. It was nice though. Summer is muggy and humid which is fine by me but well, it’s still not usual anymore. We walked and walked. Ended up doing the Pylon climb because I didn’t want to do the big old bridge climb (aka, go into a harness, suit and climb the damn bridge in this sticky weather). No thanks.

sydneyday2-bridge-and-opera-view-11I have SO many photos. I’ll probably drag them up to Flickr here.  The funny part is I barely pulled out my camera. Hah. Figures.

sydneyday2-bridge-and-opera-view-12The bridge was pretty cool, it’s a bridge so let’s just be clear about that and I’m not an engineering dork. To be fair the arch in STL was kind of a bigger engineering feat but it’s a big deal around here. I won’t mind going back home to my orange “golden” gate.

sydneyday2-chinese-new-year-2The whole city (and probably country) is getting ready for Chinese New Year. These guys look like they might light up. Ben told me not to mention The Mummy movies when I post about this but it is all I could think about. Oh god, The Mummy 2 was so horrible, but yeah, terracotta soldier flashbacks. Heh.


sydneyday2-bridge-and-opera-walk-6Sydney is pretty interesting. I haven’t fallen in love yet, but I haven’t really hated it. Of course we’re only experiencing the tourist life, and it’s not bad. It’s kind of like Chicago and SF had a baby.

sydneyday2-botanic-gardens-2The Botanic Gardens are pretty. We didn’t search the whole place but around the water was nice. It was starting to get cloudy, a storm was rolling in but it never really hit. All threats and such. I brought my other camera lenses but never used them. Go figure.




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