What I Ate Wednesday 1/21/2015



2014-12-17 08.10.21Morning! I haven’t been blogging every day, mostly because I don’t have the energy, nor the determination. Oh well. I’ve got nobody to impress but myself. And “myself” started a new Dragon Age campaign, has been swimming, doing yoga, playing tennis and not taking photos of food.

2015-01-01 10.35.05Carbs, carbs carbs. I’m having issues figuring out my eating and swimming. Swimming makes me so damn hungry.  Which would be fine if I actually went far or you know, really had a great workout. I’m still figuring it all out to be fair. I’ve been taking intermediate lessons and my level increases one hundred fold after each session. I’m kind of sad my last one is Saturday. I’ll miss Susan, she’s an amazing coach.

2015-01-03 18.28.59I think I had some nuts too and forgot to photograph them. It was a good day with cereal and coconut milk yogurt, beans on toast for lunch and a big salad. Bowl size is deceptive, it’s close to a mixing bowl size.


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