Happy New Year! 2015 Goals

Happy New Year! 2014 was very good to me. I’m blessed to have such loving and caring family and friends. My job was fine, my home life was fine, and even my over needy cat was okay. So: what happened with my 2014 goals:

2014 Goal #1: Vroom more

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Hell yes. I’m a regular commuter now. I did well over 6,000 miles last year. While that’s not a whole lot, it’s more than the 25ish miles I did in 2013. I took an advanced class and it 100% increased my confidence and helped me hop on the highway in traffic every ride. Before that it wasn’t looking good. While the class was pretty over my head it was worth double the price. I’d probably take it again just for the coaching. It was awesome.

2014 Goal #2: 24 Hikes

lake lagunitas-5This would have been possible if I hadn’t taken 3+ months off of hiking. Then I just phoned it in. I got to 19, which is more than last year. Not a huge deal though. This year I went on a few with the husband which was nice. Next year I think I need to head up to Marin more. It’s so beautiful, and while it’s a bit of a drive it’s worth it.

2014 Goal #3: It’s not all about me

Coastside Trail Half Moon Bay-11My husband got a lot more attention this year, however, I don’t feel like I really developed my friendships much or worked on that as much as I could have. It’s really hard. I didn’t realize how much of a hermit I am, so I didn’t go out as much as I should have, and I didn’t mean to neglect my friendships but I’m just really bad at being a friend. Work in progress. I know it’s me, not my patient friends. We don’t live in a central location so people just stopping by doesn’t happen here. I have to go out and to them. So I need to plan at least once a month something with someone I’m not married to.

This year I don’t have a ton of ideas but I’ll focus on 2.

2015 Goal #1: 365 Purge

5784664856_3c4932ee7b_bGet rid of 365 things from my home. One thing for each day. We have a lot of room, so we fill it with a lot of stuff. It might be something small like an extra lipgloss or big like a chair. Whatever it is, it’s time to let go of some things. 365 isn’t a huge number if you look at what I own and what I need. 10 spatulas? How about 5? Being more mindful of my acquiring stuff as well. But baby steps.

2015 Goal #2: My health is important

canadian mittensIt’s my year 40! I need to just stop doing stupid shit to my body. Like gorging on cheese (sorry for the c word vegans) because of feelings. Intuitive eating works for me, however stress cuts me off from listening to my body. 2014 was very stressful, but there’s going to have to be some solutions in 2015. I need to be less stressed, it’s just not an option to stay on this path. This means running out of vacation days at the end of the year, not carrying over 150 hours or more. We’re going to Australia in February but that can’t be my only time to take off for myself. Sure, work will back up and it’s stressful in itself but I have to leave things at work once in awhile. Maybe not work every single day huh? A few summers ago I took of Wednesdays to hike and I was super busy at that startup. Sure, I’m busy, but I need to do some things for me, and a bubble bath just won’t cut it.

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