Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

Alcatraz 2015We went on a work outing to Alcatraz (you know, down the road) to check out the Ai Weiwei exhibit that was there. There were four installation points throughout the island which were interesting and made me think. I’m not sure I was up to thinking that much that day, and it was pretty damn somber.

Alcatraz 2015-2Most of the installations in the prison were sound installations. This brings up kind of hard memories for me, hard to process sound installations when it’s something I kind of used to be a part of. I couldn’t sit on the stool, nor close my eyes.

Alcatraz 2015-3

Alcatraz 2015-4This one was tough. I learned a bit about Haas in school, pretty freaking depressing.

Alcatraz 2015-5Alcatraz kept on being creepy. That’s for sure. I don’t remember being up in the hospital wing. It was disconcerting. And more sound installations up here too.

Alcatraz 2015-6

Alcatraz 2015-7

Alcatraz 2015-8Outside for some pretty grey SF scenery. You can actually see the Golden Gate. Kind of. It’s pretty clear for SF to be honest.

Alcatraz 2015-9

Alcatraz 2015-13I’m not an art critic but I felt a lot was pretty abstract yet forward. If you haven’t been to Alcatraz in a bit it’s interesting to see, but it also it’s fun and sunshine.

Alcatraz 2015-11It’s crazy that Alcatraz has only been closed since 1963. That’s not a long time ago. The weather and general deterioration is just plain spooky.

Alcatraz 2015-10

Alcatraz 2015-12That’s about it for today. Signing off to go bake stuff. I have to say I was dreading going -yet again- to Alcatraz but this time I got so

Alcatraz 2015-14

Alcatraz 2015-15


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