Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve

Ring Mountain Open Space PreserveSorry for such a late post today! I went hiking and decided to write about it right away. Go me! Of course, I went to Marin so I had to get there and back. Traffic wasn’t too bad which was nice.

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-2To be fair I set out earlier and turned back. It was raining pretty badly where I was and I didn’t really feel the wet. I went grocery shopping instead and headed out in a few hours. When I got to the preserve it was muddy, however not really from just today. It’s been raining like a mofo so everything was kind of swampy. I for sure didn’t do this one for time!

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-3

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-4It was wet and muddy but so very pretty. Good thing because I had to sit down to catch my breath a few times when I saw a dry rock or two. There was lots of water, oh, and check out my new hiking shoes! They aren’t purple anymore, but they are for sure waterproof as my feet stayed dry the whole hike through many random rivers that cut through the trail, and mud. Yeah mud.

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-5I saw a lot of people on the trail, mostly with dogs.  It’s probably a convenient place to walk your dog when you live in the apartments all around. But muddy wet dogs at home just doesn’t sound fun.

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-6

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-7

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-8The sky was just fantastic. Super big puffy clouds and fog. It was just so damn pretty I couldn’t stop taking photos. Sorry about that.

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-9Turtle rock was pretty cool. Finally, a landmark I couldn’t miss. Heh.

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-10

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-11But I kept on looking up! So pretty. It was also probably a bad idea since I caught up to a couple and the guy lost his footing in the mud and took a tumble. He was fine but I almost did the exact same thing.  At least there were a lot of clean streams to take out some of the mud.

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-12While this was only a 2.25 mile hike I’m embarrassed with how out of breath it put me. Ugh.  That’s one thing to work on for 2015 I guess. The more I get out there the easier it should be.

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve-13

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  1. I miss my nature vacations, trips and just walking around muddy, wet, natural trails. I want to hike.

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  2. Hi Shannon! Wow, I love all your hiking pictures – even with the after-rain muddiness! So beautiful.
    You won one of my hand-drawn holiday cookbooklettes on my blog! Please send me an email with your mailing address so that I can send it to you, pronto! My email is ameyfm at yahoo dot com

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