Pepita Brittle

pepita brittleAn easy recipe that got inhaled. Seriously. I haven’t been baking but this went so quickly, no sharing.  Peanut brittle is pretty standard but this Pepita Brittle rocks. Making brittle with margarine is totally fine in my book, and it really works here. I had salted pepitas so I just omitted the salt and it worked great.

pepita brittle-2I have a cookie swap on Sunday and my house is messy, not decorated and I have NO idea what I’m going to bake. I might be busy cleaning, baking and maybe decorating on Saturday. Oh, and tennis if it doesn’t rain. Hrm. I feel like I have to decorate because it’s a holiday party but I’m pretty sure my friends don’t care if  I pump them full of sugar for hours on end! Woop!

pepita brittle-3

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