Lake Lagunitas Hike, Fairfax CA

lake lagunitasFinally! It rained enough that I knew if we headed up to Fairfax the Watershed hikes would be open. Technically, they were open but last time we tried but you had to hike in, not drive which is kind of meh (especially if you have no idea where the trailhead is). I brought Ben the first time and turned around, this time Ben and our friend Jory who lives up there joined me after lunch!

lake lagunitas-2

lake lagunitas-3I didn’t know about the steep ascent, but yeah, there was one. Not a huge deal but It kind of caught me off-guard, especially since I brought people. Oh well, we all survived, though I did get some side-eye. Heh. It was worth it.

lake lagunitas-4I learned that Marin doesn’t really have a drought problem, however, it’s so small and unattached to other water sources it’s not like they can share. It rains quite a bit around Mt. Tam, but they still do like to be conservative about water and their watersheds that they really take care of and finally have a good system in place. This is a photo of water being fed from Lake Lagunitas to the lower lakes and watersheds. Pretty darn cool.

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lake lagunitas-7The evening was going to bring rain so we had to quickly try to get through the hike before the sun set.  Let’s be honest, Marin is beautiful. Always. When it’s sunny, when it’s rainy, and when the fog is rolling in. I love it up here but yeah, the pain in the ass to get there and not really knowing where I’m going sucks. Next year I hope to get up here more.

lake lagunitas-9The boys didn’t want their photos taken, no worries! We did a little over 2 miles and I’d be happy to go back again. They have a lot of picnic places and the trails are so well maintained.

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