I’m Too Excited To Wait: My CookieSwap 2014 Haul



I know, I know, we’re posting recipes tomorrow but I figured today I could show you what I got in the mail from my awesome cookie swap partners. Just a quick shout out to these women, they were all awesome, and vegan!

Speculoos Pinwheel CookiesThe early keener Hannah sent her cookies before I even had decided on what to make for a recipe! These Speculoos Pinwheel Cookies are going to be on her blog tomorrow and I highly recommend checking out the recipe. I’m kind of a fangirl already (have been for years) so I know I’ll be excited to try these out.

beate-cookiesI know of Beate through SundaySupper! Her blog always has something interesting and she went with both chocolate vanilla swirl & orange almond cookies. I know what it’s like to be indecisive, they were both great so I ended up with 4 types of cookies! Woop!

Cardamom SnickerdoodlesOkay, no sun but I got a fed ex package before the rains started.  It’s totally okay because Beth sent some Cardamom Snickerdoodles with freshly ground cashew butter. Wow. These were so awesome. I didn’t taste the cashews to be honest but they really made such a great texture. I can’t wait to check out her blog for the recipe. Tomorrow is going to rock!

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  1. I am so glad that the cookies arrived saved and sound at your doorstep. It is always so hard to decide so I hope you enjoyed both cookies 🙂

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