Cookie Swap 2014!

cookieswap2014This year was a pretty fun cookie swap! Lots and lots of eating, xbox and crying for the kids (don’t worry, none were permanently injured), and did I mention eating? I made Limoncello Pine Nut Biscotti (I’ll write up the recipe for tomorrow or soonish). Excuse me if I don’t call cookies by the right names and such, I was busy filling my mouth. Important things.

cookieswap2014-2Kela & Family brought Peanut Butter Cup squares. I’ve made ones like this, totally awesome.


cookieswap2014-4Christine joined us for the first time and was an over achiever. She made 2 types of spritz cookeis (only took a photo of one of them) and blossoms. Super festive and pretty tasty.

cookieswap2014-5Elspeth brought the star of the show. They were XXX, crispy and tasted so great. Chocolate chips, dried cherries and so addictive. I didn’t have any  leftovers. None. It’s a good thing that Ben got 4 during the swap! Hah!

cookieswap2014-6The cute award goes to the Marcia & Family who made not only stupidly cute cookies but vegan ones. Those eyes are so awesome! You have to eat them the bottom up so you don’t hear them scream. Or maybe that’s just me. That Jewish family knows how to have fun at a cookie party!

cookieswap2014-7Michael & Heather brought Chai Spice cookies. They had chai tea in them.  Tea is the way to my heart. It’s funny because I won’t drink chai but I’ll eat the hell out of a cookie made with chai spices.

cookieswap2014-8Lexie & Rich brought these Mexican Chocolate Spiced cookies. So good. The spice was subtle but you can totally taste the “something something”. The frosting was an extra awesome touch.

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