San Bruno Mountain: Eucalyptus & Saddle Loop Trails

San Bruno Mountain TrailsOkay, today has been a bad day so far, so why not throw a hike into the mix? San Bruno Mountain Park has 2 official parking lots, guess who choose the wrong one for the Saddle Loop Trail? Yeah, so I did the Eucalyptus trail and figured out where to put my damn car (with all the other people ,who knew) for the Saddle Loop Trail.

San Bruno Mountain Trails-2The Eucalyptus trail is about a mile. You get some nice views of the bay and it’s kind of pretty. Switchbacks so it’s not very strenuous. I was trying with all my might to avoid the Summit hike, I didn’t want to visit the top of the mountain today, I was already tired and cranky. It leads into a little bit of shade but not much. I wasn’t expecting anything to be honest.

San Bruno Mountain Trails-3

San Bruno Mountain Trails-4I hopped in my car and drove to the other parking lot (shush).  It’s a paved and gravel track that is pretty. And this side of the park was super busy with picnic tables and a lot of people on the trails.

San Bruno Mountain Trails-5

San Bruno Mountain Trails-6The thing about San Bruno Mountain is that you never know when it will be covered in fog, so I was pretty happy for these nice big trails. My last hike around here was kind of scary to be honest, but this side of the park is super easy to navigate. Great views of the Bay and you can see both San Mateo Bridge and the Bay Bridge.

San Bruno Mountain Trails-7

San Bruno Mountain Trails-8Lots of good views into the city as well, and you are rewarded at about mile 2 with views of the ocean.  The trail back to the parking lot is paved and in horrible condition. So broken up that it is probably trecherous at times if it wasn’t flat right there. Oh well. This was a nice and safe park so I’ll probably go again.

San Bruno Mountain Trails-9

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