Berry ‘Scuffins’

Berry ScuffinsI’ve heard about ‘scuffins’ from a few bloggers, mostly in an irritating way to be honest. However, Dreena made some Berry ‘Scuffins’ and I’m kind of pro-Dreena so I tried them. It’s true, they aren’t a scone and they aren’t a muffin. They are fantastic though. I used frozen mixed berries because the last of my strawberries went south unexpectedly. That’s what you get with fresh from the farmers market though, nothing to keep them in a suspended state of fresh.

I love that they were so easy and the oat flour is a great choice. I kind of forgot about them in the oven so they are a bit more browned than usual but were tasty. I had some plain coconut milk yogurt in the fridge so I had everything on hand, including the emergency frozen berries. On the frozen berries, I kind of thawed them a bit under warm water and patted them dry with a paper towel so the extra moisture wouldn’t leak through the scones. Worked perfectly.

Berry Scuffins-2


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