Vegan Waffles with Mixed Berry Compote

Vegan Waffles with Mixed Berry CompoteAw yeah, waffles. I’ve missed you. When I saw this recipe and it said it was for Triathletes I thought it might be pretty good fuel for my tennis workouts. I was kind of shocked when I read the recipe though. That’s a LOT of egg replacer, and a cup, a full cup of oil.

I made it as written and of course I got super crispy waffles because of the oil. I think if I made them next time I’d half it at least, not because I don’t like the crispy (those are my fave) but because they were just kind of oily to touch. Okay, very very oily. Meh. There was also no sugar in the waffle mixture itself so if you are watching your sugar this is great. I felt like I needed a lot of compote to make these sweet enough for me. I’ll let you know if it makes it through my tennis workout but I’m pretty confident.

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