Teavivre Silver Needle White Tea

wpid-20140909_083003.jpgI’m leaving for St. Louis today so I’m planning some posts for the weekend. You probably don’t want to hear about my weekend that much anyway, it’s all going to be food and well, food. And um, not healthy (or possibly vegan) food. So, we’ll gloss over it and talk about other things, like tea!

You’d think since I haven’t posted about tea in a month I’d have a backlog of things to talk about but that’s false. I just really drank stuff I’ve already written posts about. It was a weird month.

One new tea is this Teavivre Silver Needle White Tea. It’s really fresh and crisp. There’s cucumber and hay undertones which is weird but tasty. It’s a very light tea which is nice after drinking a lot of blacks over the past few weeks. THere was no bitterness to be had in this tea even after long steeps in my mug, it was just smooth during every single sip.

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