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Shoreline-Baylands-2I had so much to do this weekend. Last weekend we drove up to Fairfax for a hike and it was a bust so I’m even more behind in my hikes. It was too dry so they closed the gates to get to the parking. You could walk in to hike, but it was 2 miles up a steep road and the husband and I were not having that after being in the car for an hour and a half. We ended up at a brewpub and made our way home (time in the car: almost 4 hours, thanks SF traffic). So I had to make sure that in between tennis, errands and everything else planned I made it hiking “somewhere”.

Shoreline-Baylands-4I ended up in the USA! The sign guided me, no worries. To the locals I ended up at Shoreline and did the Bay Trail by the lake up into Baylands Natural Preserve. This is an out and back so I opted for a 5 mile jaunt. In the USA! Woo! *cheers*


Shoreline-Baylands-5All the Bay Trail part is paved. And I can’t believe I got this almost empty photo. The place was packed on an overcast Sunday at 9am.  I was surprised there were so many people. I say the majority of the guys I saw were wearing shirts from marathons past and the women walked in pairs gossiping. There were outliers like dog walkers but seriously, so many marathon dudes. It was obviously chilly enough to keep on the shirts.


Shoreline-Baylands-8The preserve was nice. A few options for walking, there was a small trail off to the side and a large wide gravel road for bikes and whoever else. There are a lot of benches on these trails which is probably really nice when it’s warm out. I’ll come back to wander, there’s a lot of parking and easy to get to. Pretty quiet too unlike some of the other parts of the Bay Trail.



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