Cinnamon Toast Morning Muffins

Cinnamon Toast Morning MuffinsMuffins! I found this recipe for Cinnamon Toast Morning Muffins and couldn’t resist. I’ve been thinking about Cinnamon Toast Crunch lately, don’t know why to be honest. So this kids cereal in muffin form sounded perfect.

Cinnamon Toast Morning Muffins-2I didn’t make them gluten-free because I was lazy. You can substitute regular flour in these fine which is a pleasant change. You can’t really do that with most recipes. Since I wanted to eat these I left out the espresso as well. They turned out really great. We at them warm spread with margarine. So good. I thought they would be too plain, especially without the espresso but they were great. A nice change from fruit or chocolate.

Cinnamon Toast Morning Muffins-3

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