Bread and Chocolate Slice

Bread and Chocolate SliceI love the concept of this Bread and Chocolate Slice recipe by Hannah. Seriously. I’m just a lazy baker. You know all the people who really concentrate on presentation and even the recipe itself? Hah, yeah. I love those guys! Totally not me. I still try things out though. The only thing I did different was half the recipe since I only had 4oz of stale bread and I used chopped up almonds. I could have sworn I had some hazelnuts but they are missing in action. RIP hazelnuts, I think you went into the husbands stomach.

Bread and Chocolate Slice-2I love bread so this obviously was going on the to-do list. Oh yeah, I used brown sugar instead of turbanado and it wanted to burn so bad, it was a rough time. And then it separated from the oil, and then I got a crazy hard crust on my mixer blade (yeah, I wasn’t mixing by hand, so sorry so lazy), and then it was a crumbly mess. I saved it though, kind of. It’s so very tasty, it just didn’t really like to be cut. The bonus is that all those crumbs are going into yogurt or maybe even on top of ice cream. Yum.

Bread and Chocolate Slice-3


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