Vegan MoFo Day 5: Apple – Oat Breakfast Cookies

Apple - Oat Breakfast CookiesSo this month I’m trying to clean up my eating act. Not like you can tell (all the cookies!). Let’s call it moderation. But I’m trying to stick to veggies and grains rather than bagels and nut butters. I’m really stuck on bread and I need to break it up a bit, it’s getting to be not a moderation thing. Anyway, I went to buy some more muesli since I only had a little bit left and I forgot the regular grocery store that I go to doesn’t have any. And since I ride my motorcycle to work 90% of the time it’s kind of hard to transport hot oatmeal. I could make my own but I’m kind of busy baking cookies.

Apple - Oat Breakfast Cookies-2So instead of going to Whole Foods for more muesli (so sorry, so lazy), I made these Apple – Oat Breakfast Cookies. I used the last of my museli for the hot cereal, it worked really well. It’s cool that they have a bit of protein powder (I used soy) so I’m hoping that they will have a bit of sticking power. They taste great so I’m more than happy to eat cookies for breakfast.

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