Vegan MoFo Day 30: Maple Walnut Sandwich Cookies

Maple Walnut Sandwich Cookies-3I want to thank each and every one of you who stuck by me while I posted about cookies for a full month. It was hard not having variety but in the end the challenge was a huge success. I could have made more unique types of cookies but I’m glad I just did 30 to be honest. Today is the last day and I wanted to do something special. Something all about me.

Maple Walnut Sandwich CookiesYou’d think that maple cookies would be a weird choice but they remind me of home. I can say they are just a fall treat but I love maple any time of the year. These Maple Walnut Sandwich Cookies have a really cool texture because of the ground walnuts. Strangely enough there’s no maple syrup in the recipe, only maple extract. They also call for a lot of eggs so I halved the recipe and used egg replacer powder. I got 24 thick sandwich cookies so it was more than enough. I also used margarine but I stuck them in the fridge before baking because I didn’t want them to spread out too much and lose their shape. I think these would have been great with the glaze but I went the way of the maple buttercream and it was fun (margarine instead of butter again and I didn’t need the milk). I should have made them thinner but it’s all good. Totally mapley, even without a hint of maple syrup (which is still weird to me but I went with it and it works).

Maple Walnut Sandwich Cookies-2

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