Vegan MoFo Day 24: Ginger and Spice Cookies

Ginger and Spice CookiesThere’s no way I’m topping those bear cookies for awhile. Sorry about that. While these Ginger and Spice Cookies might be plain to look at they pack a flavour punch. There’s a brilliant ginger taste in these cookies that just can’t be overlooked. The chinese five spice is a great addition and even though I forgot the candied ginger (read the recipe, pfft, yeah right) they still held their own in flavour.

Ginger and Spice Cookies-2Yum. These cookies are perfect for fall. I’m going to St. Louis at the end of next week and I’m hoping I’ll get some fall weather. I bought a flannel shirt and everything. It’s been way too warm to wear it here, so maybe it will be cooler? Who am I fooling, it will be the same temperature as NorCal with my luck and I’ll be stuck wearing my same old clothing choices. Usually it’s cool enough to wear fall gear year round but we’re heading into “summer” so it’s time to break out the lighter clothes…in layers of course!

Ginger and Spice Cookies-3

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  1. I love ginger cookies! Thanks for sharing a vegan option 🙂

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