Vegan MoFo Day 16: Spekulatius Cookies

Spekulatius CookiesCan you believe I tried to make Spekulatius Cookies and ran out of sugar? I didn’t have any muscovado sugar so I was going to sub in some brown sugar but I didn’t have much so I used demerara sugar as an experiment. You can see the little crystal sugar crumbs on the plate. They were tasty and crunchy! I was pleasantly surprised. While they would probably be better with dark brown sugar I made a pretty good substitution here. It would have been an even better substitution if I had run it through the food processor like the instructions said. I glossed over that part, hah!

Spekulatius Cookies-2I made the margarine version because I wanted something not round. See? Two in a row! Anyway, the main part of these cookies is the spice blend, and it was SO good. I can’t wait to mix it into my oatmeal tomorrow morning. Yum. I’m glad you come out with extra spice mixture, this is some tasty stuff!

Spekulatius Cookies-3


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  1. i love that you are using star cutters! it reminds me i need to get mine out. i have a craving for spiced star cookies now!

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