Molasses Cookies-3Seasonal flavours. I get it, I really do. And I try my hardest to buy in season and be farmers market friendly, but in this great country of ours we are spoiled rotten and can get just about anything at any time. Plus, I live in California where the seasons are long. One thing I think is bunk for its “seasonality” is molasses. Let’s be honest, it’s mostly accepted around the holidays but for me I love it and wish it was an everyday flavour. I like molasses just on Italian rolls or french bread but it shines in cookies.

Molasses Cookies-2Molasses cookies just rock. Since molasses is a childhood flavour I never understood when people turned up their noses. Shannon (the cooler one) had a great recipe for Molasses Cookies I knew I wasn’t going to miss out on. ┬áLet me just say this: make them. I don’t care if it makes me old-fashioned or weird, these cookies are fab. I rolled them in demerara sugar for extra texture and it was fantastic. I only made a half batch, so I’m totally not sharing these, sorry!

Molasses Cookies

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