Teavivre Fengqing Ripened Tribute Pu-erh Cake Tea

wpid-20140806_082738.jpgI have to say I really love tea that comes in cakes! While pearl tea is my favourite I love the compressed disk of tea. This Teavivre Fengqing Ripened Tribute Pu-erh Cake Tea came broken up in the sample packet but it still had cool big chunks. The colour was very pretty. It was quite strong, but not bitter. It’s quite earthy, but not muddy, if that makes any sense. Teavivre wrote that it had a sweetness to it which I guess I picked up but there are way more naturally sweet tasting teas so I put this on the bottom of the list for that flavour. It is sweet enough to not be bitter, but that’s about it.


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