Tarte Au Citron

Tarte au citronMy lemon tree isn’t chugging along during this drought so we’re kind of hoarding any meyer lemons that come off our tree. I even had to take a photo on the nighbours lawn, ours is yellow. It’s sad but hey, that’s what happens during a drought. I love lemon desserts so I wanted to make my 2 lemons count. I found this recipe for Tarte Au Citron and I happened to have some vegan custard powder in the cabinet.

Tarte au citron-2I swear I got my natural vegan vanilla custard powder from an American site but when I went to replace it I only found it on UK sites.  I’m kind of bummed about that, but I’ll order anyway or just buy Bird’s, even if just to make this tart again. It was SO good.

Tarte au citron-3I used a regular pie crust recipe for this and it was fantastic. I originally made tartlettes but my dough shrank too much to make little cups so I made a large tart. I wish I had doubled the filling but I didn’t know how much the tart would take. Still, it was awesome. A great lemon flavour even if my custard powder made it more orange than yellow in the late evening light. Next on the list: an actual tart pan, this would have been so much prettier if it wasn’t in a springform pan, so I guess I can’t share it. To embarrassing 😉

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