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stanford dish-3Oh Stanford, I’m around you quite a bit since I go to the doctor/hospital down here but I don’t really think about exercising. I took a trip to the Stanford Dish last weekend, sorry the post is a bit late! What’s “the Dish”? Well, radio telescopes that look like satellite dishes. Dotted all over the hills in this research facility, there’s a cool path around them.

Stanford Dish CollageFirst of all, getting here. Kind of easy, but no parking. I went on Sunday afternoon and parking was really a nightmare. This place was so packed.  I had to loop around the campus a bit in order to turn around to find somewhere to park. After I got to the Dish site it was so busy. Not a huge problem I guess, just really darn busy.

stanford dish-7You’ll have to excuse my photos, I didn’t have my camera on me, even my mini one so they are all cell photos. This hike is listed as easy, and I guess it is since it is paved but there are a few 15% grades that are NOT easy to me. I’m honestly glad I didn’t take the husband. We kind of dig flat walks, this one got my heart pumping even just climbing the first half mile.

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stanford dish-9Be prepared for no shade. I was, and I was covered in  sunscreen like a sane person. As I said this park is pretty damn poplar, and you will see most of the guys shirtless soaking up the sun if that’s your thing. Most people were friendly, a bunch of families and just co-eds getting some outside exercise. I’m not sure I’ll make it back anytime soon. The parking is just bad and well, sun. I’d rather go to Sawyer Camp for a paved hike or even Sierra Azul.

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