Gluten-free Venetian Carrot Cake

Gluten-free Venetian carrot cakeI was up for trying something new. Nigella had this Gluten-free Venetian Carrot Cake online and it looked so interesting. I love carrot cake! I have a ton of carrots! Done!

Gluten-free Venetian carrot cake-2I made a half recipe in a smaller pan. I used egg replacer for the eggs and that’s all I had to change up. It took FOREVER to bake, even at a 6 inch size! I was super worried about it the whole time. It just didn’t really work out, it probably really needed the eggs. The part I liked the least? The pine nuts! They just overwhelmed the cake and that’s all I tasted. The rest of the cake had a weird texture from only the almond meal and was subtle, then *bam* PINE NUTS IN YO FACE. So disappointing.

Gluten-free Venetian carrot cake-3

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