Ginger Lemon LoafI feel like we’re on holiday, except I’m writing this post before work. That’s probably because most people are vacating the city for “That Thing In The Desert” and here’s hoping that my commute stays super quiet this week. Except for the fact that they are closing part of my commute from the 28th until the 1st. Hrm. I’ll worry about that later, because I have cake!

Ginger Lemon Loaf-2Marlene over at Nosh My Way posted a Ginger Lemon Loaf that looked so good! ┬áPlus, it was already vegan so that’s an easy decision. I can’t read recipes though so I added all the lemon juice to the cake. Verdict: still good, I just added about a quarter cup less of water. I also used lemon extract instead of emulsion. I find it weird to taste lemon and ginger together without molasses but it’s still nice. I’m bringing this into work today where I assume it is going to go quickly. Don’t worry, there’s a slice or two sitting on the counter for the husband, I can’t forget him!

Ginger Lemon Loaf-3

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