Food Truck Friday: MoBowl

wpid-20140821_121214.jpgHappy Friday! I went to the food trucks yesterday because there was a truck I hadn’t been to yet: MoBowl. They had 2 items I could get, the Umami Tofu and a brussel sprout cauliflower special. I considered the veggies but I went with the tofu. I was assuming the tofu was deep fried, but it was kind of squishy and raw. It was cooked, there were blackened bits on it from a pan but it’s not my favourite. I’m going to be honest here, I ate the salad and tossed the rest. It was especially bad after it had cooled down a bit after my walk back to the office. I didn’t even like the tomato sauce it was in. *sigh* It’s my fault for not asking, I’m sure it’s up to someone else’s taste.



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