Cinnamon Maple Pecans

Cinnamon Maple PecansAs you know, I make my husband brazil nuts because they are hard to find and when I do find them they are raw. Not his favourite. I roast them up and they become an awesome snack. Nuts are a healthy snack but sometimes you want something sweet.

Cinnamon Maple Pecans-2I’m not super into pecans but the husband loves them.  I found this recipe for Cinnamon Maple Pecans and knew it would be a great surprise treat. It’s so easy, only the three ingredients. I whipped these up and they were  great on their own but perfect for salads and such. I made these in my cast iron pan with dark grade B maple syrup so I think that’s why they are a bit dark. Not burnt but tasty! I even found myself reaching for them and I’m not a pecan fan! The magic of maple syrup 😉

Cinnamon Maple Pecans-3

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