Teavivre Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea

wpid-20140626_082107.jpgPlease excuse my messy desk! Today I busted out a different tea and I’m struggling to wake up. A black dragon pearl. That’s a completely new thing for me, I love dragon pearl teas but I never thought they would be out of the realm of green teas. Kind of silly since you can roll any leaves into a pearl, but you know, I don’t think of such things when I’m waking up without my first cup of tea (and I should probably consider not writing blog posts before I drink my tea, so sorry about this).

I was expecting this to be just like the green variety and nope, it’s not even close. It is very good though. I found it tasted very malty and rich where I find most of the green pearl teas to have some sweetness. People say there is a chocolate flavour component, and I’m sure there is but I got a lot of malt black tea in my sips which is totally fine. I can see this in a regular rotation with other pearl teas.


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