kitchenaid-loveI can’t believe I haven’t waxed poetic about my most used kitchen appliance. If you count the 30 days of ice cream (made with my KitchenAid ice cream attachment) I really do use it more than my oven!

I use it for breads, baked goods, whipped coconut cream, mashed potatoes, and honestly really anything that needs to be mixed. It’s more efficient than lazy, that’s for sure.

I recently got asked if I came from a long lineage of KitchenAid Mixer users. My grandmother was a master baker so you would assume that is a big old yes! However, I’m the first generation to own a KitchenAid. My mother didn’t cook or bake much (we spent most of our time at my grandparents house anyway) and my grandmother just didn’t really acquire one.

grandparentsMy grandmothers kitchen was fantastic but pretty basic to be honest. You had to light her old oven with a match. Lots of hand mixing went on and I was mixing doughs and making breads from a very early age. She did have a hand mixer for whipping but it didn’t come out that much. Being in the kitchen with my grandmother is a very strong memory. Playing with dough and having company just stop in for a chat. It was a very social kitchen.

Now I feel like I bring my kitchen to others through baked goods. Maybe because I live a bit away from friends or maybe it’s a sign of the times and people just don’t drop in and hang out at your kitchen table anymore. It’s a different time, and to be honest if I had more company over I might ditch some of my time saving techniques. However, since I’m out more being social I’ll never take the KitchenAid and other time saving appliances out of my kitchen. Plus, I really can’t mix much with my gimpy arms so I’d be baking a lot less if I couldn’t spend 30 seconds whipping up some cookie dough! Less treats for my friends, they might get cranky (and thin!).

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