Food Truck Friday: Doc’s Of The Bay

wpid-20140620_121308.jpgWell, I haven’t been to a food truck in a long time. Some coworkers were reading about Doc’s Of The Bay and invited me on the crawl when they came close to the office. It was kind of an afterthought to blog about it, so forgive the pics.

wpid-20140620_121313.jpg3 sandwich options: classic burger, black bean burger and fried chicken. I got the black bean burger without cheese and had fries as my side. The coworkers really liked the green beans but I wanted fries. They were tasty with a potlach seasoning. If you google that you get a Williams Sonoma link, so yeah, posh fries that kind of are like a cross between cajun seasoning and Red Robin seasoning. Doesn’t matter, they were fried and tasty. The burger was huge and covered in green chiles. Mine was a bit mushy but they were turning them out as fast as they could. I think the cheese was for structural integrity so when I asked for it without it was kind of hard to eat, but you know me, I shoveled that in my maw successfully.

wpid-20140620_123716.jpgOverall it was okay, kind of pricey though and there are a few burger joints around work so  it wasn’t as special as I had hoped it to be. I didn’t really like their homemade ketchup at all, but if someone said they were going and I needed a big greasy fix I’d go again.

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