Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Double Chocolate Pecan CookiesIt’s not like me to leave things to the last minute. Well, okay, I take that back. It’s not like me to not have a plan at the last minute. I do my fair share of last minute baking but I usually have a plan. You know, to make sure I at least have the ingredients!

Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies-2I’m going to a birthday party this afternoon and  last night I was still at a loss as to what to bake. Not that it’s needed (I’m told I’m invited because of my stunning personality not my baked goods but I know better) but of course I wanted to bring something along. I dug into my bookmarks and found this easy recipe for Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies. I had all the ingredients and cookies always go over well.

And it’s true. They are super easy. I made the cookies human sized and boy did I get a lot. Cookies kept on disappearing but it was over 50 for sure. Maybe. Um, they are really tasty okay? I’m pretty confident they will be a hit at the party this afternoon. And I won’t have to finish off the batch myself, I’ll at least give everyone a good 30 minutes of fair grazing time until I dig in again.

Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies-3

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