Chocolate Strawberry Loaf

Chocolate Strawberry LoafThese types of loaf cakes or quick breads are easy to transport in a backpack so I’ve been making a lot of them. I still haven’t figured out the easiest way to transport more delicate things on my bike, I’ve been a bit of a mess when strapping things down to my back seat assuming I’m going to lose them on the highway.

Chocolate Strawberry Loaf-2This chocolate loaf though was worth wrapping up and transporting. I actually didn’t make any substitutions, well, except I used chocolate chips instead of chunks. That’s kind of pushing it. You can’t taste the espresso powder but it brings out the chocolate flavour. It was brilliantly moist the next day when I brought it to work and it got rave reviews for breakfast. I had mine when the loaf was warm (no, I never learn I can’t get a good photo if I dig right in) and it was so darn tasty.

Chocolate Strawberry Loaf-3

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