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smh10I’m loving my Sena Bluetooth SMH10. This has been instrumental in me learning and getting up to pace quickly with confidence. I don’t use it for music, I use it for talking to my husband or friends about riding, technique, gears, general moto questions while I’m riding and yelling at them when they take off and I can’t keep up. With them behind me they can comment on posture or how I’m taking lines, with them in front they can tell me about road debris or traffic.

The Bluetooth system seems to be very controversial for beginners. Old school riders are all “OMG YOU WILL DIE” if you have these installed, even if you aren’t talking on the phone or listening to music. They think you will be startled and screw up if someone talks to you. Remember when you were 16 and not allowed to turn on the radio in the car? Imagine not being able to talk to the instructor as well. These negative guys pride themselves in teaching themselves how to ride, even if they didn’t have to struggle so much because you know, someone could help them. I pride myself in being able to get real-time critique and cautions. And no, I have yet to be “startled” by hearing my husbands voice (or any of the friends I ride with)  in my ear. I can also walk and chew gum, I’m crazy talented.


  • Can pair universally now, with anyone with a bluetooth system
  • Can get directions from Mz Googlemaps in my ear with my phone in my pocket, if you trust her, I don’t trust myself to consult my phone
  • Easy to communicate need for pit stops, debris on the road, or yelling at your spouse, you can even share music (that’s going to be annoying, hah!)
  • Can technically use your phone, dial 911 and all that in case of emergency
  • It has a great range, takes quite a bit to push you out of range, traffic isn’t really a problem.


  • You can pair it to multiple people, but I never remember how, so it takes some time and looking at the pdf manual
  • It fails sometimes, “intercom lost”. We’ve only had this going to dinner before, did a hard reset and then it was okay again
  • It’s kind of hard to turn on the plain intercom that is 2 way all the time. The vox activated is kind of weird and buggy IMO, we just leave the intercom on, but there’s 2 people button jamming like a bad 80s video game so we confuse it, that’s our fault to be honest.
  • I actually can’t ever remember how to use the darn thing besides turning on the intercom. I don’t plan on talking on the phone but I can’t remember how to trigger it anyway. Note: I can never remember bluetooth actions on regular ear pieces. It’s not complicated, I’m just a simpleton.



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