Numi Indulgent Chocolate Spice Tea

numi indulgent chocolate spice teaThis is kind of an unfair review, but I wanted to let people know about this Chocolate Spice tea from Numi Organic Tea’s Indulgent Tea line. Have you noticed a lack of Chai Tea reviews on my site? Yep, I really dislike chai tea. I really only like cinnamon in baked goods, I don’t like it in savoury dishes or tea. So cinnamon spiced teas seriously get tossed or given to friends.

However, I really wanted to give this one a go since it has the chocolate undertones of the whole Indulgent line. The chai spices are very in your face. The tea says it’s a 6 minute steep and I barely did that (maybe a minute) and got a really flavourful cup. Unfortunately I couldn’t pick out a lot of chocolate over the spices but I can see a chai lover really digging this flavour.


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