Japanese Lunchtime Fun

2014-04-25 12.46.55Some fun time with coworkers at lunch? Hell yes. A coworker went to Japan for a few weeks and brought back some fun things to share, like this kit to make “hamburgers and fries”. (There’s one on Amazon here).  It all starts out as powder packets. Yup. Just powder and water. Pretty spooky.
2014-04-25 12.52.26Fortunately we had a person who could read japanese and tell us how much water to add to what colour packets. It really is all that. You even put most of it in the microwave. It’s so weird!

2014-04-25 12.46.50I made the french fries, they looked just like little french fries! And you make ketchup. And cheese? Everything is powder.

2014-04-25 13.07.59We made a few patties, a couple buns, cheese, ketchup, and fries. Lunch is almost ready.

2014-04-25 13.08.14Burger assembly! Getting ready for our meal. It even came with a fizzy coke. Again, powdered and so weird.

2014-04-25 13.10.34The weirder thing is that it didn’t taste like candy. I was assuming it would be sweet. It wasn’t at all. The fries tasted like salty starch stuff. The soda tasted like, well, coke. The burgers? Well, I didn’t go there but when we forced them on others they didn’t get rave reviews. At least the kit was super fun to make!

2014-04-25 13.10.27

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