International Female Ride Day 2014

IFRD-2014Happy International Female Ride Day! I’d say I’m spending today getting my girl power on with some of my female friends but you know that’s not true. It’s Saturday, I have tennis planned and also a spin maybe to dinner with my husband.

Things are going well on the motorcycle. It was hot as hades this week on my commute but I was prepared. I try to ride to work more often than not but I find that commuting is just starting to be okay. I haven’t gotten really to the fun part of riding yet, it’s been pretty nice a few days last week but not “yay fun!”. I’m still around the “hold on for dear life and try not to get rear ended” part, however this week things have been coming quicker and way less stressful. It will come, but I need to ride more outside of commuting since the stress of work is on top of the ride itself.

2014-04-29 08.08.57


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