Fresh Strawberry Quick Bread

Fresh Strawberry Quick BreadMy mother inlaw is the queen of strawberry bread. Funny enough, she makes it around Christmas. My husband who isn’t a strawberry fan always at least has a piece.

Fresh Strawberry Quick Bread-2We’ve had some amazing strawberries this season coming in the CSA box so I wanted to make something new. Maybe they are just amazing because they are so darn few and far between. Who knows.

Fresh Strawberry Quick Bread-3Found thisĀ Fresh Strawberry Quick Bread and decided to make it vegan. Margarine for the butter, almond milk for the regular milk and I played it lazy and used powdered egg replacer for the eggs. I wanted to make sure I didn’t take away and of the lift, I think the key is to have this a bit fluffy since it has to hold up the berries.

Fresh Strawberry Quick Bread-4

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