Finally Nice Photos of My KTM Duke 690

KTM-Duke-690-05-23-2014Woo! Finally took some photos of my bike. Since we’re not in Vancouver, yesterday we rode over the hill to Half Moon Bay for lunch. We do this a lot, it’s only 15 minutes but even on a Friday traffic was crummy. I figured I’d document my mods in a post.

KTM-Duke-690-05-23-2014-2First up is the orange crash bars. Love them. I think the added bits to the frame look cool. This is the Wonder Woman side of the bike. Beware, a girl rides this bike, do not touch! R&G tail tidy. I highly recommend the Evotech tail tidy, however the R&G works. It was the first thing I got so I didn’t know better. It’s held up, can’t complain, but I’d have paid the extra for the Evotech if I had done more research.

KTM-Duke-690-05-23-2014-3Radiator guard. It was orange and easy to install. R&G isn’t the best but it works. It was an impulse buy.

KTM-Duke-690-05-23-2014-4Shortie levers from MG Tech in Austria. Yeah, the husband put in an order for these and they are cool but take some getting used to. They are farther out in reach than the stock, even in the smallest setting and my hands aren’t super small but they are gimpy. I have long fingers but I’m just getting used to them.

KTM-Duke-690-05-23-2014-5Puig shield, forgot to get a front photo. Oh well. They all kind of look the same. I also got different mirrors, KTM telescopic mirrors. I might have crunched a stock mirror. I got a replacement but upgraded at the same time so I can tilt these up or in if I want to get skinny. They are kind of bolted into place right now though.

KTM-Duke-690-05-23-2014-6My fave is the RoadLok. No need to carry around a brake disc locking system, this is bolted on to the brake and all I need to carry is the plug to lock my brake disc.


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