Cherry Almond Cake

Cherry Almond CakeI didn’t want to share my cherries. They are so hard to come by this year because of the drought. At the farmers market they were $5.00 a pound at the cheapest stall. Even the Asian market was $3.00 a pound. Crazy. I haven’t been to Costco yet.

Cherry Almond Cake-2But this Cherry Almond Cake recipe over at Two Peas and their Pod got me in the sharing mood. So I baked a cake to share with friends. I opted to skip the egg and use flax seeds mixed with a bit of water, and buttermilk was almond milk with apple cider vinegar. I really don’t like almond extract so I left it out, I’m pretty sure it was an important part of the almond part of the cake. Same with the almond paste which I left out. Oops. Without these two ingredients (but added almonds to the streusel) the cake was quite plain, but pretty tasty. Even if you don’t like almond extract (we have a support group) I would add the almond paste next time.

Cherry Almond Cake-3

Cherry Almond Cake Slice


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