Almaden Lake Park

almaden lake park

almaden lake park-6Decided to get out and about on Sunday and ended up in San Jose. Almaden Lake Park has a trail around the lake as well as an offshoot that looked interesting but we were just in for a quick stroll.

almaden lake park-5

almaden lake park-4The weather was beautiful. 75 degrees with a breeze. This is a fully paved easy trail around the lake. There is a lot of picnicing and hanging out. It is surrounded by busy streets so it isn’t quiet at all but it is a nice urban park. They even have a bocce court. No tennis courts though, boo! This is a great place to have an outdoor party. Lots of parking, lots of rentable picnic spots and the weather is usually quite warm in San Jose.

almaden lake park-3

almaden lake park-2


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