What I Ate Wednesday 4/30/2014

2014-04-27 10.29.572014-04-27 10.29.57What I ate weekend style! This was Saturday, which was kind of weird. I generally start my day off with a banana, peanut butter and some sort of carb before tennis. However on Saturday I skipped it and was super hungry when I got home. I knew I had leftover buckwheat pancakes from dinner at Millbrea Pancake House so I was pretty happy.
2014-04-27 14.59.45Since that was pretty much breakfast and lunch I snacked on some chips. I felt guilty that I didn’t actually have any veggies. I planned (and actually made) a big salad with tacos. My salad was huge so I only had 1 taco. I did add tofu to the salad so I still got quite a bit of protein.
2014-04-27 17.33.51And then I baked cookies. I’ll post about those really soon! They have GrapeNuts in them!

2014-04-27 20.30.35


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